3d carbon fiber vinyl film
3d carbon fiber film
needle nonwoven fiber paper
shoes making material(nonwoven)
nonwoven shoe counter material, insocks
PET nonwoven fabric
1m wide 3k Twill Woven Carbon fiber sheet/fabric
plain and twill colored Carbon fiber fabric cloth
carbon and kevlar hybrid fabric,colored kevlar fabric,carbon fiber kevlar fabric
carbon kevlar fiber hybrid fabric,hybrid carbon fabric,hybrid carbon cloth
Kevlar Anti Ballistic Aramid fiber fabric
carbon kevlar fabric
carbon/ kevlar fiber fabric,carbon fiber fabric for kayk,carbon fiber fabric for paddle
Textile Packing Material
waterproof canvas,plastic sheet,outdoor camping tarpaulin tarps,stripe tarpaulin,leno tarpaulin,sale tarpaulin
high quality waterproof & anti-UV&FR PVC coated canvas outdoor
480g- 900g/m2 high quality & durable PVC canvas outdoor
Polyester Laminated Coated Canvas Tarpaulin
100% polyester nonwoven non-woven flower wrapping paper roll/floral wraps and floral bouquet.
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